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Favorite Features on the Lincoln MKZ?

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What are your favorite features on the Lincoln MKZ? It can be anything from it's exterior and interior design, luxury features, or even specific things about it's drivetrain/powertrain, lets hear it!

To start, mine has to be Lincoln Drive Control with the selectable driving modes being Normal, Comfort and Sport, with Sport being my favorite.
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Here's a link to all the available features on the MKZ.

I really like the split wing grille on the MKZ. It just catches the attention when I see it on the road. And it looks real classy.

I agree about the split grille, it's unlike any grille in the industry. Lincoln did a good job especially when a lot of cars look like eachother these days.
But the think about this grille is that it's so uniquely designed that it's a hate it or love it thing. I love it, what about the rest of you?
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