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Engine over heating

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Has anyone had any problems with the engine overheating? I live in CO and driving over the steep passes in the summer is proving to be a headache. Every time, without fail, my MKZ overheats. The dealership can't find anything wrong with it.
Any help or advice would be most appreciated.
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if they can't find anything wrong with it they should find some resolution for you.
even going as far to replace it, if it's one you bought brand new and still under warranty. what year is it?
Which engine?
My 2014 hybrid has no problem in the desert heat of southern NV, even climbing the pass between LV and Pahrump. Temps are over 100 here (other than the past couple days with a refreshing 85 for a high).
I'm starting to think the problem he's having might be an isolated issue, haven't heard anyone else report this, even my dealer says he hasn't heard about it.
how has your MKZ been treating you so far?
any issues to report? anything to do with overheating? @joereed
I have the same problem on 2013 Mkz with only 11601 and temperature is 51 degrees in Orlando and overheat light go on twice and park the car for safety
If there are no leaks, check the thermostat.
When you had your last radiator maintenance?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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