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Don't like the 2014 MKZ grill. Any aftermarket alternatives?

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I'm becoming a fan of the 2014 MKZ Hybrid, and thinking of purchasing one. I like the look of the exterior with the exception of the front grill. It really does not appeal to me aesthetically.

Are there any aftermarket replacement hoods and/or grills that are available?
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hey ncdave welcome to the show! What seems to be your disparage with the MKZ's grill? I mean is it the horizontal slats, the shape, the color?

I was only able to find one possible lead, and that was a blacked out grill, but even then I dont think it was aftermarket, just the stocker with a coat of gloss black..

do keep us posted however!
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That's kinda interesting actually. I like how it continues the theme of the grille in the lower fender.

TBH, it just seems like the MKZ's grille is not the easiest to customize. It is integrated in the headlights really well, and is a pretty distinct shape. It seems like the things listed here are probably most of the options you have.
well not really, its just a headlight bezel. It has nothing to do with the difficulty in replicating the pattern, because any modern manufacturer worth 10 cents has the ability to duplicate shapes. It comes down to demand, MKZ is a far more upscale car now than it used to be, its not attracting the same type of crowd it used to. For that custom options don't exist...

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