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Don't like the 2014 MKZ grill. Any aftermarket alternatives?

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I'm becoming a fan of the 2014 MKZ Hybrid, and thinking of purchasing one. I like the look of the exterior with the exception of the front grill. It really does not appeal to me aesthetically.

Are there any aftermarket replacement hoods and/or grills that are available?
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If it was up to me I would start with blacking out the individual bars and just leave the outside OEM as a lining around it.
I'll really like it with the bars blacked out in the middle, not every car is perfect, sometime we need to add our personal touch to it to make it truly up to our liking
I think the grille looks better on the MKZ because of how the headlights are shaped, they actually complement the grille and overall vehicle design very well, better than the MKZ
I'm not into Donks, don't like the size of wheel he went with but the style of wheel looks great, it suits Lincoln styling very well.
oh god no
Yup, that's what goes on in the southern states of america. Im sure we will see more MKZ's donked out.
Now that is ugly but to each their own
Yup, ugly indeed.
I prefer tasteful looking wheels, don't want to turn my MKZ into a 4x4
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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