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Hi all, going to throw in my opinion. Even though I've only had my Z since Friday, I already find myself getting use to the all touch controls. Granted your eyes are off the road a little bit longer but I feel like over time it will come without much thought. Changing the volume/fan speed is very easy considering its all done by sliding your finger vs searching within the screen. Anyways, I find it to be fairly easy to use and enjoy the clean look.
thanks for the share, and I do tend to agree. There is a learning curve or a period of adaptation if you will, I feel that many in this day and age scream bloody murder instead of actually learning the new system. All these complaints about the interface and touch controls being unreliable is nonsense. If customers spent 5-10 minutes at the dealership actually learning how their vehicle functions this mess could of been avoided.

But we consume in bite size chunks and our attention lasts seconds...

Let us know how you progress, I have a feeling that after a relatively short period of time it will become second nature...
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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