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I had a chance to sit in an MKZ the other day and one of the coolest features was also one of the features that worried me. The center stack has no buttons, its all touch. While this looks really nice, i am wondering if people find it easy to use while you are driving. Seems like buttons would be easier to fiddle with while driving.

I know that they changed this for the MKC, so there must have been complaints.

I don't like it and the main reason I didn't get a new gen MKZ. No feedback, hard to reach, and poor sensitivity, I will pass.

It seems Lincoln and Ford will switch back to physical buttons though, hopefully the 2015 version will have physical buttons

also while the touch button shifters are cool I don't think most Lincoln buyers get it. I was at the dealer and a older lady was test driving a new MKZ and it took her 20 minutes to figure how to put the car in reverse.
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