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Could Lincoln bring back the Blackwood pickup truck?

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The Lincoln Blackwood is pretty well known, but not for the right reasons. Its production only lasted 15 months with 3,356 units being produced in 2002. It made a return in 2006 as the Mark LT, but that also came to a close pretty quickly as sales ceased in 2008. Fun fact: the Blackwood is still sold in Mexico, where it is Lincoln's best-selling nameplate.

The pick-up truck market is really heating up with plenty of options and amazing sales numbers. Could we see a return of the Blackwood, this time using the new F-150's aluminum body? Here is a render of what a new Blackwood could look like based on the new Navigator.

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I think it makes sense for Ford, it's one more way for them to make use of the F-150 platform although it's not a big deal. If it was a project started from the ground up it would be a bigger issue.
But simply making the Blackwood because you could use the F-150's platofrm is not a very good reason to make it. I just don't think that it would sell that well. I think that it would be a step backward for Lincoln. Lincoln is in a delicate time right now. Every model that they release needs to further bolster and develop the brand -- no models can end up as a mistake.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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