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Taking a break from ragging on Lincoln and my MKZ to inject a touch of politics into the forum....

Alan Mulally on working with the Chinese Government:

“They are a pleasure to work with. You’re welcomed, you’re part of the fabric. ‘What can we do to help? What can we do to work together?’ There’s nothing like it in the world.”

“It’s fantastic. The working relationship between the party and the government is tight. They both have the same objective, to grow the economy.”

Quite contrasting to the United States, where most feel that politics and the government frequently jangle capitalism, those who don't are too busy swiping their EBTs.

The statement is interesting when you realize that China is poised to overtake the US in auto consumption so Mulally could just be cozying up with his new play things. Or hes fired a thinly veiled shot at the US government to stop meddling in the auto industry, which seems to of increased since the government took stock (literally) in the industry back in 08.
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