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Can DRL be installed to the MKZ base?

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Hello everyone, I just purchased a 2013 MKZ base FWD here in Atlanta area, and I did think this version would come with the DRL LED strip (under the turn led lights). I do see though that the "slot" is empty and it seems that a LED strip could be installed there without much trouble.

I'm working with the dealer to have that clarified but their technicians do not seem to be prepared to do that and could not answer if this is possible to be done yet, they told me that they need to do a whole assessment and see how much work would be involved (code for get ready to pay a lot if we will ever do this for you). Any suggestion or advice? I really think these lights are a must have today and especially speaking about a luxury modern vehicle like the MKZ.
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I heard of people doing this with other cars, most ended up going to a professional aftermarket shop to get it done, some even went to the dealer.
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