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Cadillac is rooting for Lincoln

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"I root for the folks at Lincoln," said Bob Ferguson, Cadillac brand boss, to AutoGuide while at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this week.

The comments are a contrast to what Cadillac design chief Ed Welburn said earlier this year. "They're not a global luxury brand. i don't consider them a competitor," he said in an interview.

Is Cadillac the only true American luxury brand? “Not at all,” said Ferguson. “I’m not dismissive.” He then went on to explain his philosophy. “The better we do as American luxury makers, the more credibility it adds to our offering.”

Ferguson had similar words for Tesla. "When people ask me what I think about Tesla, I tell them; 'Isn't it great to see another American luxury company doing well.'" He went on to say that Lincoln has "difficult cards to play."

Cadillac is doing much better than Lincoln at the moment with more models and sales. The brand also just released the new ATS Coupe. Lincoln has only 5 models, and one of them is the dated Lincoln Navigator.

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There must be some benefit to having a strong American luxury car industry. There certainly is an advantage to the Germans right now even though they compete against each other. It might turn out that the trick to beating the Germans isn't one company overtaking them but a whole country's industry surpassing all the Germans.
I'm not sure if I see more Cadillacs around than Acuras. Probably somewhere around the same amount, though the Cadillacs are often newer than the Acuras.

I do think that Cadillac and Lincoln would probably prefer to build up the American luxury industry instead of losing out to imports all the time. I'm sure that in the end they are rooting for their own success before anyone else's though.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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