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Android radio swap in 13+ mkz

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Hey guys new to the forum, just ordered my mkz from Carvana yesterday for a 7 day delivery. I may be new here but I’m not new to Lincoln as I have the lost loved/hated car they ever made, the gorgeous Lincoln LS, 02 and 05 in my driveway.
Im a big fan of rooted android radios in cars, depending on brand, and I’m looking at the ones avail for mkz and was curious if anyone in here had done the upgrade with the integrated ac controls and how it works and if they lost any factory functions and if so which ones? And has there been s compiled list of upgrades done in the forum on various electronics for the car?

Lastly, I had a 2013 mkz loaner new in 2013 from dealer and it constantly had the LED on from lit up orange anytime car was running yet I see ppl with white strips on theirs so I’m curious why I never see that, I’m hoping mine doesnt do it or we’ll be changing out LEDs on day 1, I honestly don’t like this LED era with driving lights it’s gotten out of hand with manufacturers and they are a nuescsnce at night time sitting in parking lot with LED blinding when idk why they even allow them to come on outside of vehicle in motion, overdefeating their purposes. Any info appreciated on orange DRL as mentioned.
Thanks and thanks for the add.
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