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7,100 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrids are beign recalled by Ford

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Ford is recalling 7,100 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedans in the United States. The reason for the recall is a glitch in the software that can cause a rollaway accident. Another 170 MKZ Hybrids are also being recalled in Mexico.

The software fault can allow the vehicle's automatic transmission to be shifted out of park without the driver pressing the brake. This obviously increases the likelihood of a rollaway accident.

"The vehicles may have been built with transmission range sensors that do not function properly due to a manufacturing error. As a result of this error, the powertrain control module may incorrectly assume the vehicle is in neutral and allow the transmission to shift out of park without the brake pedal applied, increasing the risk of unintended vehicle movement due to an inadvertent shift out of park," Ford said.

The problem will be solved with some reprogramming of the vehicles' powertrain control module.

Thankfully, no injuries have been linked to the recall as of yet.
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Thanks for the update on this.
seems like there's been too many recalls on the MKZ, not all that impressed but it also goes to show early production cars from Ford might not be the best,
but, but, but everyone wants technologically advanced vehicles. Not for anything but when vehicles were purely mechanical (until mid 80s) there were no issues like this.

Anyone who has ever owned a computer knows how finicky software can be, now these same people want software to run a a 3,000 piece of steel hurtling them over a concrete path at 50 mph. Even a minor software hiccup puts you in mortal peril...

These issues are just all part of the process of perfecting the tech going into them. This almost always happens with early model vehicles and tech
I guess Lincoln should be thankful that they haven't had to deal with any personal injuries or anything bad because of this. At least they caught it on time
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