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2018 Lincoln MKZ Reserve 3.0T AWD. Magnetic Metallic. Ebony w/Touring White interior.
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How can I determine what navigation map set is the latest version?
How can I determine what version is installed in my car?
Hi baltobernie. You go to the SYNC screen in your vehicle. Then...Off the top of my head, go to "Settings", then "About SYNC". It will list your SYNC version, NAV maps version etc. Don't forget to scroll down if necessary.

The latest NAV maps version available is NA 2 21.

You can check for available SYNC and NAV map updates for your vehicle here:

Let us know how you make out and good luck.

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Thanks. Looks like my installation from the ALOM usb stick was successful. Two hundered bucks for info that's two years old is hardly a bargain, tho. But all mfgrs. are doing it, either by subscription or one-time (sometimes both). It's diabolical; you're compelled to upgrade, since the screen demands your attention.
All in all, a decent car, but not a worthy successor to her LS. Except for the headlamps ... Wow! :oops:
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