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2018 MKZ 3.0T Timing Issues

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I have a 2018 MKZ with the 3.0T AWD. I have a 91 tune and tuner says the car is underperforming. Have data logged and gone back and forth and still am with tuner. I am wondering if anyone else has had an issue with these vehicles. I bought the car off carvana and when changing the plugs I noticed they were already at .028 which is common for tunes makes me believe this car was tuned at one point. I had a 2013 SHO and the tune I got for that car was a night and day difference but it did not have these issues. Any help or feedback would be appreciated.
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I would suspect knock sensor. Fought a similar issue a few years ago and the knock sensor had corrosion on connector.
On side of block.

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I just cleaned mine.

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Don’t have that vehicle anymore, google will be your friend. I just used electrical contact cleaner.
If memory serves me correctly, yes.
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