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I just purchased a 2017 MKZ Premier. It is awesome and has a great ride. Love it so far.

  1. Is there a way to turn on the seats from from the display? In my Ram truck I can turn on the seats from the screen and I was wondering if the MKZ could do the same.
  2. Are the heated seat supposed to come on automatically if it is cold outside? Again my trucks seats look at the outside temp and if it is cold outside the heated seats turn on. It doesn't do that for the steering wheel but it does for the seats. Does the MKZ do that as well? I've looked on line, in the manual, etc. and I can't find anything.
  3. Can the brake assist be set to come on when the car is started as well? Mine does not switch on when the car starts. I actually like the feature but I would like it to come on all the time.
Thanks in advance.

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