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2017 3.0TT Squeal from front passenger side

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First post but I lurk.

I bought a 2017 3.0 with AWD that I love. There is a very high pitched squeal when turning all the way left from the passenger side, but it is only there when the car is "cold." When I get off work and I am pulling out of the parking garage, it is very obvious when moving forward and turning hard left. It does not occur in reverse, turning right, or when I get home and the car is nice and warm. I walked outside with my wife driving and it definitely sounds like it is coming from the right passenger side almost like a brake squeal but not related to brake use.

I pulled the tired off and didn't see any scraping evidence and have no other drive concerns with no squeal at other times. I didn't have time to really tear into it today but thought I would ask if anyone has had any similar concerns. Thanks all.
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