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2016 MKZ Gas Lid Button

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For some reason, the gas lid button on the driver side door does not work.

I have checked the fuse and it seems to be fine (it is a lower amp rating than stated on the manual though 10 amp vs 15 amp in manual...), the only way to open the gas lid is through the little pull lever in the trunk. I'm afraid that if I keep using that pull lever, it will eventually break which will leave me screwed. Any idea as to what might be the problem or how to fix it?

I will add that I also have trouble filling the car, it usually only allows me to fill about .3 gallons at a time before the gas trigger deactivates. I got around this by opening the gas lid while the car is on and this supposedly vents out fumes... so I can fill the car just fine now so long as I do this trick every once in a while. I'm wondering if these 2 issues might be related. Anyway, any advice or clues would be very helpful.

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