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2015 Hybrid Plugin conversion

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As an avid sports cars advocate and owner, I have been thoroughly impressed with my wife's 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. We purchased the car new in 2016 and have had no issues with the car save the starter battery going dead on various occasions. Gas mileage wise, the car has averaged in the low 40's in the winter and mid 40's in warmer weather and we live in a very hilly area (MO Ozarks) with winding roads where the Lincoln has perform admirably. While the hybrid battery is still going strong with over 100k miles, I'm curious if anyone has attempted or heard about converting this car to a plug-in hybrid capable of running 20 - 30 miles before converting to normal hybrid mode. This will, of course, require a larger hybrid battery and the addition of an appropriate charger with external connections but hopefully not much more. The Ford Fusion Energi of the same era (which we considered before we purchased the Lincoln) uses plug-in technology. I think Lincoln really missed an opportunity to create a world class sports sedan by not including the turbo-4 along with all-wheel drive and plug-in capabilities as an optional package with the MKZ. Any information about converting our car to a plug-in hybrid would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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