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The 2013 Lincoln MKZ concept debuted at the Detroit Auto Show and ahead of its official unveil next week at the New York Auto show, Lincoln has released a video that shows us the car’s panoramic glass roof in action for the first time.

The idea is simple: to get the best of a convertible while retaining the convenience of a full roof. This is the first step in a series of improvements that Lincoln is undergoing to re-introduce the brand as a unique luxury marque.

When fully open the roof sports an opening that is two-feet deep and two and a half feet wide, offering the largest glass roof opening on the market today.

The roof is rated at SPF 100 to avoid passengers being sunburned, and reinforced with a aluminum and boron steel frame that is integrated into the car’s architecture to deal with rollovers and chassis contortion.

The roof will debut on the MKZ at the New York Auto Show next week, probably as an expensive option though likely cheaper than a proper convertible.

Watch the panoramic roof in action in the video below.


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I feel as if Lincoln has really done everything they can to make the MKZ stand out from the others but I don't think it's these features that are making them sell.
the roof is amazing, i think it's a keeper, not sure what he MKZ needs to be better and sell better but all i know is that they need to do something and quick.
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