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2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid drive review - Autoweek

Stubbornly, Lincoln targeted nothing but the Lexus ES300 when developing the MKZ. No Buicks, no Cadillacs, maybe a wistful glance at a BMW 5-Series, but nothing else -- just a honed-in missile into the flanks of the one Lexus that remains untainted by sporty F-Sport, um, sportiness.
We liked the ES300h. Andy Stoy claimed that "the ES 300h is the best non-Porsche hybrid I've ever driven." Jake Lingeman was "pleasantly surprised." And Brad Constant said, on his first drive,:" The ES300h could very well become the next benchmark for hybrid vehicles: It's that good."
Dang. That's some lofty praise right there.
And we're gonna stick to our proverbial guns: the ES300h is a better choice in this strange, near-luxury hybrid drivetrain segment. The MKZ hybrid may look good (especially in press-photo-friendly Ruby Red) but underneath it's coarse and rough-sounding, its interior is blanketed in rubbery textures, its THX audio is muddy-sounding, its gauges and interfaces never cease to remind you of a $27,200 Fusion hybrid, and it's a dog to drive -- even if sporty handling isn't in its oeuvre. None of that seems like luxury to us. Nor, as it goes, culturally progressive.

Hm.. Maybe I will go test drive a ES300h...

I LIED. Why would I drive a Lexus :rollseyes:

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