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2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid drive review

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2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid drive review - Autoweek

Stubbornly, Lincoln targeted nothing but the Lexus ES300 when developing the MKZ. No Buicks, no Cadillacs, maybe a wistful glance at a BMW 5-Series, but nothing else -- just a honed-in missile into the flanks of the one Lexus that remains untainted by sporty F-Sport, um, sportiness.
We liked the ES300h. Andy Stoy claimed that "the ES 300h is the best non-Porsche hybrid I've ever driven." Jake Lingeman was "pleasantly surprised." And Brad Constant said, on his first drive,:" The ES300h could very well become the next benchmark for hybrid vehicles: It's that good."
Dang. That's some lofty praise right there.
And we're gonna stick to our proverbial guns: the ES300h is a better choice in this strange, near-luxury hybrid drivetrain segment. The MKZ hybrid may look good (especially in press-photo-friendly Ruby Red) but underneath it's coarse and rough-sounding, its interior is blanketed in rubbery textures, its THX audio is muddy-sounding, its gauges and interfaces never cease to remind you of a $27,200 Fusion hybrid, and it's a dog to drive -- even if sporty handling isn't in its oeuvre. None of that seems like luxury to us. Nor, as it goes, culturally progressive.

Hm.. Maybe I will go test drive a ES300h...

I LIED. Why would I drive a Lexus :rollseyes:

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one of the features of the MKZ is it has a noise cancelling system which takes the exterior sounds and distorts before it comes in to the cabin. But it doesn't help with the loud clunky CVT transmission. that is why there has been reports of it being loud.
I wouldn't xactly compare it to a Lexus ES. The exterior is not as good looking and modern as the MKZ in my opinion. Btu if it is one thing that the MKZ lacks is the interior design. I find it very plain and boring. Lots of flat surfaces and just nothing appealing to the eye. Lincoln should take note of it before they lose the rest of their fans.
A little too flat and boring still. I don't like it.
Really? I like how well it flows
wood trim on the lower part of the steering wheels is quite different, far off from how most car makers include wood on their steering wheels.

was really used to this style of steering wheel with wood...

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