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Hi All,
I have a '09 MKZ. The passenger headlight went out, I noticed there is moisture inside the housing. I brought it into the dealership, they stated to replace the bulb would be $250 (ouch). But they tested and found stated the headlight assembly was not working. $1100 for the part alone (ridiculous). I said no way..

I have been watching youtube videos on replacing the headlight, seems like it is something that I can do.

Couple questions, hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.

I looked up a headlight on ebay, and found some used ones for about $200. They all say they are halogen, but my headlights are the bright blue HID (xenon?).

My question is this, can I buy a headlight assembly that is advertised as halogen and simply pop in my zenon bulb? or do I need to replace the starter or other components as well? Or would it simply be better to find a replacement zenon headlight assembly?

thanks for you help!
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