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Originally Posted by alcatraz View Post
What do you think of the hybrid power train? It costs the same as the petrol version so you must have chosen it over the petrol purely because you wanted the hybrid model. Love the picture and look forward to talking with you more in the future.
For me the Hybrid is found money. The only reason not to buy the MKz hybrid is that you want a zippy car, and even the MKz Gas version isn't very zippy compared to most of the cars in it's class.

As for the drive train itself... it doesn't feel like a typical hybrid from a stop. From 0-30 I really don't notice any difference in acceleration (for my driving style, obviously I'm not one to floor it off the line). Where I do see a difference is that 30-60 range. It is a bit slowish feeling compared to what I'm used to with a traditional transmission that downshifts and get's into the torque range to move that needle. It's not unreasonable in acceleration at all, just a bit to get used to coming from a zippy little A4.

For me it came down to Creature Comforts and interior design that won me over to the MKz, the hybrid at not extra cost was just a no brainer for my driving style. Most Hybrids upcharge and to recoup that cost takes years of gas savings if you can ever recoup the cost. For me, the MKz Hybrid has plenty of "power" to get up and go at from a stand still and to merge on the highway. It isn't the same as my previous A4 for sure, but I'm getting 40mph and over Mixed use driving and the A4 was at 24 mpg mixed use... at my 30,000 miles per year average that should save me a little over $ 2,300 dollars per year in gas. I wasn't in the market for a hybrid, but it just made sense when it came down the MKz.
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